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An example of an essay written on Alice in Wonderland

Another character that embodies the whimsical thoughts of wonderland could be the Caterpillar, also known loosely as the “hookah-smoking” Caterpillar.

  • If there have been ever a character that is mysterious a colorful imagination, it will be the Caterpillar. He would ask Alice “who will be you?” (Carroll 58). Caterpillar is a very hassle free character with quite simple questions that unearth extremely deep issues in the character that is main. Children also have this tendency that is same the absolute most innocent and simple of questions that will quickly throw an elder into a panic. Simplicity seems to be a main theme with this character; often the view with this character is askew since he could be viewed as complicated. Rather, the explanation for this character is always to provide a typical example of how as one grows older one has a tendency to over complicated things. Therefore, caterpillar is a wonderful creative embodiment associated with whimsical nature of wonderland. By examining Lewis Carroll’s disposition for children, his relationship with Alice Liddell, while the whimsical pseudo logic of his characters presents that the writer created a fantasy world where all act and think aided by the intense imagination of children. A lot of Carroll’s characters may have been according to real people including the character of Alice. It will be sensible to assume, though this story was originally a simply spun tale, there was a lesson that Charles Ludwig Dodgson meant for his readers to know. That lesson was taught by Alice, Caterpillar, The Mad Hatter, and so many more characters such as the Queen of Hearts; the strangely overcomplicated adult society is lacking the spark of simple knowledge that children know. Charles embraced this in his real world with the children he encountered plus it eventually lead to the wonderful classic “Alice’s Adventure’s and Wonderland”. Such as the story, perhaps it’s time to head the advice of a good author and spirited characters; usually do not let one’s inner child escape and take note of one’s surroundings as a beneficial jar of Orange Marmalade could go by. Continue reading